Month: June 2024

Cracked Tooth? Discover Your Options with Dowell Dentistry in Norman | Dentist Near Me

Dentist in Norman, OK

It starts innocently enough – you’re enjoying your favorite hard candy when you encounter an unexpected hard piece in your mouth. Upon closer inspection, you realize it’s a chip from your tooth. Enamel, while one of the body’s hardest substances, isn’t indestructible. Whether from chewing on ice or nighttime teeth grinding, your teeth are always […]

Guard Your Smile: Understanding Periodontal Disease Signs with Dowell Dentistry, Your Trusted Dentist in Norman | Dentist 73069

Dentist in Norman, OK

Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, poses a significant threat to your oral health, affecting the tissues supporting your teeth. Caused by bacterial plaque buildup, this condition can trigger inflammation, bleeding, and ultimately tooth loss. In this guide, we’ll explore the key signs of periodontal disease to empower you to safeguard your oral well-being. […]